Finding reviewers electronically

John Mcreery (jlm@TWICS.COM)
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 09:24:03 JST

Hugh Jarvis writes,

"As various people have observed, the net is a very fast way to process
manuscripts, and thus a very convenient means of getting manuscripts
recviewed. I recommend that people use this medium. It is not hard to
post a message such as "Wanted: People interested in reviewing an
article on.....", is it? The only complaint I have is that so many
of our "scientific" colleagues still don't use the net. I find it
annoying (no right to but I do), and I am beginning to favour
communicating more with those that do use email. Are others also
experiencing/exhibiting this behaviour? If so, I guess it means
that those who don't use email will become left in our dust...? ;-)
Or does this signify a new rift formin.....? :-("

Yes, I do interact more intensively with people on the net--especially
people here at Anthro-L. One very clear reason is that not having a
permanent affiliation with an academic institution and spending my
working days inside an advertising agency, I can't step across the hall
when I want to chat with someone with similar interests. Thinking back
to when I was teaching at Middlebury College in Vermont in a Soc/Anthro
department with three sociologists and two anthropologists, it occurs to
me that my situation wasn't much different. These personal reflections
support my observation that people active in ANTHRO-L are mostly
associated with "marginal" institutions (as seen from the point of view
of the Ivy League, Stanford, U. of Chicago, etc.) who, I suspect are
enjoying the same benefits that I am. I speculate that there is a
split emerging, between those associated with big-name institutions with
large departments and libraries (the academic "haves") and those of us
beyond the pale (the academic "have-nots").
My question is, and, yes, I'm
teasing a bit, are we the leaders of the revolution or the petty bourgeoisie
so caught up in our own particular interests that the revolution is
going to pass us by?

P.S. The most remarkable thing about the net is that for the first time
are aware of and in contact with each other. So far it's fun. Could it be

John McCreery