helping our buddies

Fri, 10 Jun 1994 18:34:48 CDT

Our good buddy, Dr. Kitalong, took the trouble to collect together the
entire file on software for Martha McIntyre and put it out there in a note.
This is damn near above and beyond the call of duty and the act of a friend.
This said, let me caution you all who want to help out.

If you have put a collection of notes into a single file, like a notebook file,
and want to send it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE delete ALL of the header lines that
precede the actual text except for the sender of the note you include. If you
do not delete these lines, LISTSERV goes NUTS seeing headers as text and then
they send me notes that drive ME NUTS!!!! You can use the Function key
(usually PF9) to delete lines once you have loaded the text into the note you
are going to send.

I thank you for your support.
Mike Lieber