New feature on gopher

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 09:44:22 -0400

The Bio-Medical Library at the University of Minnesota is providing a new
feature on its gopher ( - port 71) called "Health and
Medicine in the News." We hope that it will be useful to others and
solicit user feedback. Below is the 'readme' which accompanies this

Health and Medicine in the News

The purpose of this Gopher feature is to provide quick access to
journal literature on subjects discussed in health and medicine
newspaper articles. Initially one of the two major newspapers in
the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, the Star Tribune - Newspaper of
the Twin Cities [Minneapolis Edition] will be scanned regularly.
The first priority for inclusion in this Gopher feature will be
newspaper articles which announce new research findings and refer
in some way to current or forthcoming scholarly publication. We
hope to expand this to include the St. Paul Pioneer Press, as
resources permit.

The contents of the article will be briefly described, accompanied
by the citation to the newspaper article. Whenever possible and
relevant, the full citation to the published journal literature
will be included. There may be some delay here, as press releases
may precede our receipt of the journal. The final element will be
the results of a brief search of the recent journal literature on
one or more aspects of the topic. Unless otherwise noted the
citations will have been derived from MEDLINE. Only journal
citations will be included to avoid the complications of
copyrighted abstracts.

Please send any comments and suggestions on Health and Medicine in
the News to:

6/94 jma
Janet M. Arth Internet:
Bio-Medical Library Profs: j-arth@uminn1.bitnet
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University of Minnesota (no voice mail)
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