Coca leaf as for cocaine

Bill Reid (d3h549@GROUSE.PNL.GOV)
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 21:08:02 -0700

Coca! I was asking about coca leaf consumption in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador,
and my keyboarding is terrible.

I'm on the fringes of a project to develop an ecological understanding
of the species that produce the raw material for processing into exportable
drugs, both the government sanctioned production and the illegal. Getting the
whole picture includes estimating the tradional uses within the regions
involved. I gather both the raw leaf and the leaf made into a tea are consumed. Out references indicate numbers from 1% to 19% of the production is used there.

If it is widely unknown, hey, that's information also.

As an old university ecologist with experience in Mexico and other countries, I function as "Dr. Bill the answer man." Any data or pointers will be appreciated. Battelle PNL is a DOE national lab that helps with the tech stuff
for the Hanford Site clean up...and other things.

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