Jobs/Marketing Anthro/Applied . . . Karen Szala-Meneok

Thu, 9 Jun 1994 18:47:00 EST

I'm in too, (and I've been frustrated enough to do some - humiliated by doing
it - flaming and outbursts).

Suggestion 1 . . . why not implement a policy of absolute honesty in hiring
and recruitment in academia . . . giving candidates and applicants that
inquire full information on the agenda of the recruitment . . . and full
information on why they were not judged to meet that agenda if they
inquire . . . (of course, in some cases that might lead to real hostilities)
. . . so how about putting the full agenda into open advertisments.

Suggestion 2 . . . why not implement policies of considering life history and
current situation in recruitments . . . with emphasis on getting the
unemployed employed.

Suggestion 3 . . . why not be fully honest about the job situation to all
applicants . . .

Suggestion 4 . . . why not ask the AAA to hire a good public relations firm
and lobby group to design a program for the 90's and beyond to show the
value of the discipline and to promote it across the board

John O'Brien