Graduate student aspirations

nora l ishibashi (nli1@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU)
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 08:48:55 CDT

Regarding the notions of incoming graduate students:

I have been in three graduate programs. For all three I spoke with a faculty
or admissions person prior to applying, and in all cases this person took
time and explained to me how the university in questions understands what it
provides to people who pursue advanced degrees. These definitions followed
the form of: You may be looking for x, y, and z, but we do not do that. We
can only provide you with these things:.... However, if you are looking for
that, we do that fairly well.

I remain extremely grateful to these people for talking with me about their
programs, and these discussions were very helpful in making decisions about
application. It is true that graduate students are not naive,and it is true
that they see their own case as unique. All we can do is look at aggregate
numbers, and these can never be applied directly to unique cases anyway. For
me, it was extremely helpful to hear at first hand a focused vision of what
graduate study at a particular insitution provides.
Nora L. Ishibashi