Re: Grad Students and Jobs, among other thin

Al Billings (mimir@ILLUMINATI.IO.COM)
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 02:45:11 -0500

On Wed, 8 Jun 1994, Read, Dwight ANTHRO wrote:

> Is this a common sentiment? Do students apply to and begin graduate studies
> thinking that it is LIKELY they will be able to get an academic job at the
> other end? If so, then those of us involved in admissions should provide
> realistic information to applicants so that they don't begin 6-10 years of
> study for the wrong reason. Yet as the posts about jobs indicate, there are
> many students who, regardless of the job situation, are glad that they are
> continuing with advanced studies--and I am delighted to read this kind of
> enthusiasm. But there is also the suggestion made in several of the
> posts that a fair number of graduates begin their studies with little
> realistic information about the prospects of employment and might have chosen
> a different path if they had had more information. Is this an accurate
> assessment?

As someone who is applying to graduate schols (and having a hard time
getting accepted even with good grades and GRE score), I would say that
it is accurate. No one at all mentioned how difficult it was to get work
when I was an Undergrad. I have found out through meeting various people
here and there. They don't prepare us for this at all in school or inform
us of possibilities in the business world for Anthro PhDs either.