the next great advance

Wed, 8 Jun 1994 16:31:41 -0500

Who is to say that an ethnographer researching Amazonian Indians may
not find the cure for some cancer from a plant used by that group?
Wouldn't it be interesting if an archaeologist found some long forgotten
form of technology that proves to be a great marketing success?
What would happen if the next advance in aids research came from
research done on blood type genetics by a human paleontologist?
Why couldn't a linguist discover, by deciphering an ancient text,
information that leads to a better understanding of the rate of volcanic
eruptions in the Mediterranean, which could lead to saving many lives?

This is not to say that other disciplines could not/would not contribute
just as much. What I am saying is that unless one is a very accurate
pyschic (or a time traveller) it is impossible to guess/predict what
scientific information will be vital x years in the future.