Re: afirmative action

John Steele - ISIS/Desktop QA Manager (JOHNS@MDLI.COM)
Tue, 7 Jun 1994 09:14:26 -0800

"He said one
idea would be to find all teh descendants of slave families in america
and compenate them materially, once. He took the idea of teh 40 acres
and a mule, said that that was something material that was promised..
fugure the value of that and compensate all teh slave descendants that
amount... Then he said the black community could move on from this
mire they are stuck in, and continue to move as part of american
society, without waiting for soemone elses help.
An interesting idea."

An interesting idea except that a large portion of the people paying
for this would have no ties whatever to slavery. My family, like yours,
came to the US long after slavery was gone. Most of the taxpayers I know
have similar backgrounds. Why would anyone in their right mind think
that I own them a penny because of something that happened so long
ago? Maybe the idea would have some merit if, while you are identifying
the slave descendants, you identify the slave owner descendants and
have them pay.