Grad students and jobs

Mon, 6 Jun 1994 09:05:24 -0800

versus "work." There's far more work "out there" than any
of us can accomplish in several lifetimes. The trick is to find
some way of making a living while you're pursuing the necessary
In my 27 years since high school, I think I've had only two,
temporary "jobs." Since then, I've never been out of work, and I've
always had suficient money to get by, at least. I've never been rich,
but I've never been short of satidfying work.
I've found that if I do thework that is most satisfying, I do
my best work, and consequently I attract support money. It's a Zen
Then again, I've never been rich and have no prospect of ever
arriving at that culturally programmed goal.
Mike Lewis
Studying in contentment at
University of Alaska Fairbanks