Willard Brooks (willard@MERCURY.SFSU.EDU)
Mon, 6 Jun 1994 09:33:51 -0700

Yes. I have been part of a job search where only females of color were
considered. The person hired, although very qualified, was not the best
qualified (in my opinion). However, I think it is a gross exageration to
call affirmative action hirings "institutionaled racism." As a white male,
I feel the pinch of affirmative action pressure in anthropology
departments. But, the fact remains that as an educated white male with a
useful background (I was an engineer in a previous incarnation) I
still find myself with open access to several economic pathways to upward

On Sun, 5 Jun 1994, John O'Brien wrote:

> I think I would like to ask other members of the list to answer part of
> Tracy's inquiry about the institutionalization of discrimination. Would
> anyone in the US who has first had knowledge of any incident in which a
> specific member of a gender identity or ethnic identity or age identity
> in academic recruitment care to send to the list a simple statement that
> they can confirm the existence of such practices . . . or that they know
> that such practices do not take place?
> The rest of my answer has gone to Tracy personally to avoid flaming anyone
> or even inciting to flame in a sensitive issue.
> John O'Brien
> Indiana University