Appeal for help for Danny Foss

andrew lyons f (alyons@MACH1.WLU.CA)
Sun, 5 Jun 1994 00:20:55 -0400

All of you have, for some time, been reading the contributions of Danny
Foss to this discussion. Some of you are maddened by them, some are
entertained, and we are sure some of you are occasionally moved to think
about things just a little differently. We know Danny has some fans out
there; this is a plea from two of his friends for assistance for a
scholar who is down on his luck. Danny has a Ph.D. in sociology from
Brandeis, and is the author of Freak Culture (1976) and co-author of
Beyond Revolution (1982). He has been without regular university
employment for many years, getting by on research assistantships and the
like. Right now these have run out and he suffers from a neurological
condition which makes walking and speech difficult. As you know, there is
nothing wrong with his abilities at reading and writing, and he certainly
can use a computer! He needs WORK, any work, as an editor, research
assistant, ghost-writer, proofreader, etc. which uses his skills. He is
absolutely destitute and in danger of being placed in a home for the
disabled where he will have no access to the intellectual life which is
his only reason for existence. He is currently based in Stony Brook, NY
but can move, and, of course, the kinds of work he is looking for lend
themselves to being done at a distance through one medium or another. If
it means anything to anyone, he is an old Leftie, and went south with
SNCC in the sixties and was imprisoned for 26 days-case went all the way
to the Supreme Court. Please, if anyone has anything to offer, contact
one of us. Andy Lyons, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario;
Harriet Lyons, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario; e-mail or Home phone