21st OAS Annual Meeting~M

UUNET Canada UUCP (mcmi!uucp@UUNET.CA)
Sat, 4 Jun 1994 00:17:00 -0400

theme is "Origins of the People of the Longhouse" which will run all~M
day Saturday. Most papers for this session will be invited. Nevertheless,~M
uninvited papers that fit the theme will be considered. The goal of this~M
session is to assemble researchers from various disciplines (Native oral~M
tradition, linguistics, physical anthropology, and archaeology) to shed~M
light on the origins of the Iroquoian peoples of the Northeast. Did they~M
develop IN SITU from Palaeo-Indian ancestors or were they relatively~M
recent immigrants to the Northeast?~M
The Sunday morning session will provide an opportunity for the membership~M
to learn the results of recent archaeological investigations, preferably~M
For submission of paper abstracts, please~M
send to:~M
Dr. Garry Warrick~M
Environmental Section,~M
Ministry of Transportation (Ontario)~M
5th Floor Atrium Tower,~M
1201 Wilson Avenue,~M
Downsview, Ontario~M
M3M 1J8~M
Ontario Archaeological Society, 126 Willowdale Avenue, |~M
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, M2N 4Y2 |~M
(416)730-0797 Executive Director: Mr. Charles Garrad |~M