employment, jobs, mortal combat and flaming - et alis

Sat, 4 Jun 1994 01:30:53 EST

I would like to record, for the the record, the following official government
information . . . and point out that it relates directly to current attitudes
and employment practices - and hiring practices - in the social sciences.

Labor Secretary (1994) Robert Reich "A society divided between the haves and
the have-nots or between the well educated and the poorly educated that becomes
sharply divided over time cannot be a prosperous or a stable society."

Associated Press . . . June 1, 1994 . . . "The American workforce is dividing
ever more distinclty into an upper tier and burgeoning 1underclass of low-paid
RELATIONS- joint release by the Labor and Commerce Departments.

The report said the real hourly compensation of American workers stagnated in
the past two decades, and actually fell for male workers . . .

Rep. John Lewis, D. Ga. . . . "The findings constitute a stunning indictment of
labor relations and workplace fairness in our country." Chair, Citizens
Committee for Employee Rights . . . "nothing short of a powerful mandate for
new laws
to protect worker rights and promote workplace cooperation in the place of
workplace confrontation."

TOTAL QUOTE "The American work force is dividing ever more distinctly into an
upper class and burgeoning `underclass of low-paid labor'.

As one person absolutely tired of being pushed into low income by those
lining their own pockets in the social sciences, for political reasons
and for personal reasons . . . I'm simply suggesting that we get off our
collective `butts' and start looking at the world realistically.

If you don't give `two cents' worth what happens to anyone else or our
society, the continue on in the practices currently in force, re: academic
hiring . . . if you do . . . then DO something about it instead of just

John O'Brien