Anthro and jobs

John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Sat, 4 Jun 1994 12:57:19 +1000

I'm a 51 year old anthro honours student and a new subscriber to anthro-L.
But I'm not in anthropology for the dough.
'Though I could do with it. Prior to Uni I worked at some rather well-paid
and secure type 'jobs'. But there was something desperately wrong - I was an
ant along with lotta other ants. Regardless of the $$$ it all seemed so
aimless, yet controlled. Someone was holding out on me. More forlorn than
ever and in despair, I enrolled - social work. Well it seemed like a good idea at
the time. SW had 98% employment rate - anthro did not get on the scale.
But I dumped SW to follow anthro. I love the stimulation, the debate -
it is both invigourating and liberating.
Through the access to computers I have access to those of a like mind.
I'm not sure where I may end up, but regardless of those future
circumstances, I will now have empowerment offered through the study of
But it was an empowerment that came through personal effort. No guru's
round here. What was acceptable in other subjects, was grist for the mill
as far as anthro was concerned. That I progressed had much to do with my
lecturers and tutors.
I'm not sure of the future, but I'm confident that regardless of my
financial situation, anthro will provide the opportunity to use anthros. It
will also provide time to catch on all that reading that I don't seem to
have time to do now.

John Ford