Re: Free Will vs. Determinism

Howard Buzick (hbuzick@NETCOM.COM)
Fri, 3 Jun 1994 18:57:13 -0700

for discussion, I hope we don't lose sight of the possibility that Free
Will (thesis) and Determinism (antithesis) indeed have a synthesis of a
sort. I certainly have trouble espousing one view or the other, and I
attribute this to it being a false choice.

When I consider this topic, I see both concepts being active. The
choices we do appear to make are very significantly affected by their
context. Choices are affected by enculturation, varying situations, etc,
which to a large degree are out of a individual's control. However, it
still seems that choices are possible -- the number of choices is simply
limited to a very few. (which is quite nice, and is, I believe, one of
the purposes served by culture. Constantly making choices is not very

Sometimes I think of our decision making in the context of our own
bodies. The cells which make us up, I think, also make "choices" --
the choices of individual cells are limited and controlled by their
environment. . .

-- Howard Buzick