Comments on Jobs Debate

Patricia Clay (pclay@WHSUN1.WH.WHOI.EDU)
Fri, 3 Jun 1994 16:57:36 -0400

posts. In general I find them interesting, provocative of thought, or
amusing. There certainly doesn't seem to me to be a problem requiring a SyOp's

That said, I was, however, surprised by the tone of his reply to
Danny Yee. I thought Yee was a bit harsh in his post, as has been pointed out
by others in a gracious manner. BUT, belittling Yee as living off a cushy
applied salary etc. *was* out of line.

So, however, are posts insisting O'Brian ought to thrown off the
list. Let's get a little perspective here, people.

As they say, just my $0.02 worth...(i.e., this isn't worth getting
into a flame war over).

Trish Clay
National Marine Fisheries Service