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Lorena Hitchens (hitchens@MATH.UTAH.EDU)
Fri, 3 Jun 1994 13:31:19 MDT

Re this post:

Danny Yee just made a comment about being upset about "all
those people
who think they are owed a high standard of living."

I have one comment for Mr. Yee . . .

Your attitude is an epitome of ignorancec, callousness and
being that is the major problem in academia today. May I
suggest that
Mr. Yee leave the social sciences . . . . since he obviously
hasn't the
slightest clue about what ethics, moral or social problems are

Mr. Yee's applied position, I am sure, could be as advisor to
I write so that those without a background in the
personalities and issues raised will hear more than
one side:

Mr. O'Brien authors here a number of uncivil un-
truths. This diminishes my interest in maintaining
my subscription to ANTHRO-L.

Cameron Laird

I too am sick of John O'Brien. I have never posted before and never
will again, because I would rather cancel my subscription to this list
than watch this loser daily insult the other members of the list and
anthropology at large.

Where is the systems manager? This kind of behavior is not tolerated on other
bulletin boards-the internet is a free and open means of communication for
everyone and it is up our own selves to police our behavior to reasonable
standards. However in this case, I think one individual abuses the privilege
of speech on the internet is NOT a right, it is a
privilege to have access, and there are limits elsewhere, that should
be here, in this case (in my opinion).

I did not join this list to hear this guy on his soapbox 10 times
a day about how he has gotten such a raw deal...sounds like disgruntled grad
student least he hasn't ice-picked his advisor yet...I
do agree that some people have a strong sense of entitlement and a
weak sense of responsibility. If he has so much energy for flaming all
day and night on the net, then why can't he direct some of that energy
towards the situations which he complains about so vehemently?

I know that these lists sometimes have a few diehards that stay glued
to the screen and get carried away with their exchanges..forgetting
that hundreds or thousands of other people are getting their messages
too, besides their target person (that's what private e-mail is for), but I
have just had it with this one. He is too much.
If you can't get a job, at least get a life, get away from your
keyboard, and give the rest of us a break.

Cancel my subscription, and no, please don't anyone send me e-mail. I
need to be alone for awhile, for the bleeding to stop from my ears.