Re: Jobs & Being an Anthropolgist

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Fri, 3 Jun 1994 08:08:31 -0400

The discussion on the lack of jobs has been absolutely riveting for me
>I'm a new subscriber who left a PhD program in Anthropology in the
>late 70's because the great depression had hit, and I'm now gainfully
>employed. So, I guess I made the right decision BUT I still love
>anthropology best. My question (re: Mike Salovesh's comments) is, ho
>does one remain (or become) a professional anthropologist when not in
>an academic position? Anthopologists are about as elitist as any othe
>faculty (in my experience) and don't view paid applied anthropology a
>legitimate (I realize there are some exceptions...), let alone an
>"amateur" who has a doctoral degree in (choke) education. Is there a
>way back into the field? If so, how?

I almost left a PhD program as well for similar reasons, however
anthropology provided too strong a pull and I stuck it out. In answer to
your question: most emphatically YES, you can be a professional
anthropologist outside of academia. This is really the wrong question to
ask however. Instead, you should be asking yourself how you can best apply
your skills as an anthropologist to the world outside of academia. There is
life as an anthropologist outside of academia!

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