after repeating what it says deconstruct at your leisure

Fri, 3 Jun 1994 00:04:50 EDT

John O'Brien has inquired:

> Are you for real on this post?

I refer him, as well as any others similarly preoccupied, for whatever
reason, to the second word of the penultimate line of text:

> This doubletalk [text deletion]

For conclusive evidence, that is, for all but Stephanie J. Nelson, I
cite the signature and the bracketed line beneath:

>Daniel A. Foss
><who is too sleepy to write anything real>

As it was by now nigh on 7am - I'm a slow writer, it takes a long time
to write it, occasionally with a long pause to see how it's going to end -
I thereupon beat a hasty exit, that is, the No. 1 phone rang, telling me
to answer an urgent call to take the derivative of my natural functions,
lest there transpire a Columbus, discovery of new Incontinence; no time
to check if I'd meant something I'd not known I meant or meant to mean,
which would have been, that is, more meaningful than was meant. Does that
mean anything? I'm sorry, mighta slipped.

One glaring omission is the failure to avail myself of the occurrence
of "Indiana" to substitute, "<ahem>, ah, *Native Americana*"; perhaps,
though, this is chromium-studding the lily, though?

This just in:
*POTATOE Update*: A subscriber at Ball State, Muncie, formerly Middletown
and Middletown In Transition, has indignantly notified us that's *Dan
Quayle*, not "Danny Quail." And that's it for tonight, Standing Tall and
logophallocratic, keep it Up and Waving in the breeze, Muncie, Native
Americana, NA postofficewise; rendered Not Applicable for sociological
survey coding, usually 99, MISSING VALUES, usually OTHER (Specify), which
is my fictionalized persona.

What you have got here is the media image.

Daniel A. Foss
<with techincal assistance from OTHER (Specify) (q.v.)>