response to post of Seeker1

Thu, 2 Jun 1994 23:07:24 EST

Are you kidding about Carole Crumley . . . she is one of the brightest,
ethically and morally fit, and well published people in the business . . .
her work has beautiful substance and is placed in some of the best
sources . . .

I expect the got rid of her because of her arguments for heterarchical
organization . . . which translates to `equality' and lack of hierarchical
authority for those unfamiliar with the term.

Seeker1 . . . that is disgusting news . . . so we can write off Gainsville
as a true university capable of producing anything worthwhile except
self-seeking from the establishment. Sorry to hear that.

As to why I care . . . I have a somewhat less jaded view of what
scholarship, morals and ethics are all about than most of my peers. I
care because I care about the potential future that my daughter has, and
I'm tired of seeing second-rate power happy people line their own pockets
at the expense of her chance to become truly educated and truly literate
. . . I care more, at 52, because I have a deep and firm conviction in
the Jeffersonian ideal . . . and it burns my a** to see our intellectual
elite do their best to shut it down for the average person . . . I suspect
that is my working class upbringing speaking, but there it is.

I also care because I am tired of fools who parade their great knowledge
and status and power at the expense of others, and couldn't tell you what
the perrinial questions of the academic world have been for the last
3000 years, and are not even really aware that that is what PhD stands for
(Philosopher) . . . sorry about the spelling error in the paragraph.

If you don't care . . . then why bother going for a degree?