`lotto' and `unionization'

Thu, 2 Jun 1994 18:04:30 EST

Jim and Ritchie have made two very good points . . . serious points that
need to be taken seriously . . . though phrased in humour.

Jim . . . mostly, the retirements are not being replaced!

Jim . . . I'm all in favor of unionizing or organizing . . . let's do it
with everyone in the bloody country and out of it that cannot find full-time
tenure track or full-time appointment . . . and simply do the PROFESSIONAL
thing . . . refuse to work unless paid a decent wage with decent benefits.
If you want, I'll be happy to work with you to get the organization going
. . . we have a massive resource in the internet for multi-national
organizing. I'm serious, get in touch!

Another suggestion . . . let's rely on the moral and ethical heart of our
existing tenured academics. As such, to avoid bloodshed, I change my
recommendation from `trial by combat' (though I love the idea, since I
spent the last four years training in the martial arts) . . . to a
request that tenured faculty of any gender or any ethnic background
submit their voluntary resignations tomorrow, if they have held the position
over fifteen years.

Here is a true test of the moral worth of our discipline . . . will those
in power leave voluntarily, giving up their benefits and salaries and status
so that those they trained to be better than they are can assume the postions
or not!

I think that this should start with all members of this list who are employed
under the criteria noted.

I don't, however, expect to see a gigantic rush for the door based on ethical
and moral considerations . . . but the point is made!