Re: ANTHRO-L Digest - 31 May 1994 to 1 Jun 1994

Thu, 2 Jun 1994 08:15:00 CDT

On PoMo Feminism,
I think there is something ironic, given the "pro-scientific" position of some
of the "critics" of pomofem on the list, that they are taking a few instances
and generalizing to a population. Isn't that exactly the sort of common sense
experience of the world which science (within its mythos) resists? I have to
agree with Michelle that people I associate with post modern feminism have been
invaluable in rethinking the meaning of gender (Judith Butler) and science
(Donna Haraway, god-mother of my field of cultural studies of science, and
strongly "pro" science). Furthermore, both these thinkers, usually singled out
as "representatives" of the field also argue quite strongly for a partial and
reconstructed materialism and do not suggest at all that truth = rhetoric.
Feminism within the post(you fill in what you want here) have been crucial in
demanding a return to certain bedrock realities against the (earlier) male push
to discoursization, rhetoricization and free play of language. Bodies matter, as
Butler points out, and some matter more than others in current power scheme.

As for the language games involved, yes they are painful, but I find them no
more so than earlier (largely male) marxist writings or just about any
philosophical tract I pick up. So why are the feminists being held to the higher

Matthew Weinstein