de fault is yours

Thu, 2 Jun 1994 05:24:13 EDT

I have such trouble with distinguishing between the ideological and
philosophical meanings. Then, tonight, someone, won't say who as this
person will think better of it upon waking up, threw a fit of moral
outrage over the rejection of his application. Said rejection we are
to take as a feminist-postmodernist plot, since the True Motive,
discrimination against Dead White Males (DWM) in favor of (SWF),
whatever *that* means, let's say he's answering a Personals ad,
something I never did, went unstated. By so doing, he inadvertently
wandered into what I've called the "unasked question," that is, What
the Authorities who decided there is Fleawill and not the other Thingie
would want to have Fleawill for.

By convention, the rejected applicant is exclusively Responsible for
his her its Inferiority on the basis whereof he she it was reject, and
is consequently obliged to Take Responsibility wherefor: he she it being
held solely Accountable for the Inferiority of his her itself. The System
Default is, therefore, De Fault is Yours. Unless the rejected applicant
can claim the status of Victim under the Constitution and Civil Rights Act
of 1964; else, failing that, Multicultural Diversity. Under the latter,
Candidate Victim Status (CVS) may be secured by claiming membership in a
social Thingie possessing a Heritage Month or an Awareness Month. Of
Multicultural Diversity, it may be said that the categorization rules
are obscure, overlapping, self-contradictory, and even bizarre, but far
better than what there was before, which was nothing at all.

Blaming someone with Full Victim Status (FVS) or CVS for anything at all,
especially if De Fault is Yours in the first place, which is serious enough,
is tantamount to Blaming The Victim, you should have quit while you were
ahead. By convention, to undigress for a moment, the Selection Committee,
presumed a conspiratorial cabal of radical feminist Pomo Ind-, uh, *Native
armenians*, from California, which is to say, a coven of witches disporting
with demons, must be construed, again, this is the System Default, proceeding
in a blindly deterministic fashion in the most unenviable chore of
distinguishing among several hundred DWM clones, who all look alike, are
so alike they have each and every one applied like lemmings for the position
just because it's there. The selection process, for legal-rational
Authority-personages, is as completely axiomatically determined, by cultural
convention, as itself determined by the ranked suitability of all the
applicants, with survival of the fittest preordained, given the known fact
that said committee is here the Employer, or Boss; the latter from Dutch
*baas*, slavemaster. In whose interests, it is explained by Explainers,
it is, always, to hire the fittest, however defined.

Where rejections are chronic, it is assumed, a priori, that the accursed,
that is, the applicant, is possessed by an unconscious *rili-wana* spirit,
on account of which he, the applicant, or betwitched, Really Wants To, the
rough translation of rili-wana, remain Inferior, which is why you've come
to Therapy, son, and not the other way around. So, the accursed should
Take Responsibility for being Inferior because he of his own Fleawill has
with malice aforethought conspired and contrived with his animal nature
to perpetrate and perpetuate his Inferiority.

From this sad state, which may be Indiana, he, the accursed, may extricate
himself by getting hired, proving that he's exercised Fleawill in conquering
his *rili-wana* spirit, which he's freely chosen to allow to determine him,
cause him to be Inferior, for which he is held Responsible as much as for
the Inferiority itself.

Or, to put it another way, the Locus, as in Hocus or Pocus, of Control
is always within the Individual Loser; never within the collective Winner.
Aren't we glad it is rigidly determined, as embedded in the culture, when
it is, as well as not, appropriate to feel guilty for Failure, for which
we should be held Responsible and Accontable. Elsewise, we'd commit External
Blame, wherefor we'd Burn in Hell for certain. Exercise Fleawill, or Else.

This doubletalk was computer-generated; it is untouched by human hands;
Not-My-Fault! YER FAULT! DeFault, Illinois is Yours!

Daniel A. Foss
<who is too sleepy to write anything real>