private letters and public posts

Gessler, Nicholas (gessler@ANTHRO.SSCNET.UCLA.EDU)
Wed, 1 Jun 1994 16:07:00 PDT

John, Lynn, and Michelle,

The letter to which you refer was a private letter to John, not intended for
forwarding to Anthro-L. Perhaps some day I'll figure out how that happened.

My comments on the Banff meeting were directed to speakers who identified
themselves with that tradition, "pomo-feminism," and on asking for written
sources of theory and supporting literature at one point, I was told that
none was available. 4Cyberconf was self-appointedly academically soft, which
may partially explain the difficulty.

I am going to the conference at Stanford, precisely because I want to see
what the academic discourse will entail, whether it's on computational
anthropology or on its critique. I would welcome references to theoretical
literature, and would prefer to go right to the source. I have seen some
post-modernist work which I find pro-science and innovative. But
much of what I've seen at the edge, to include the post-modernist inspired
post-processual archaeology, I find verbose and unsatisfying. Maybe I'll
cross over that edge at Stanford... I'll let you know.

Nick Gessler