position announcement (urgent)

Norman Buchignani (buchignani@HG.ULETH.CA)
Mon, 18 Jul 1994 06:52:58 MST

The Department of Anthropology has been authorized to seek
instructors to fill course vacancies during Fall 1994 and
Spring 1995 with a combination of up to one nine month term
position and sessional positions. Those seeking a nine term
position should demonstrate the ability to teach six of the
following courses, three each term. Others interested in
either teaching one or two courses at a sessional (course by
course) rate or in a term position for Fall or Spring only
(teaching three courses) should likewise indicate which of
these courses they are prepared to teach.

Fall 1994: regional ethnography of Mexico (or alternatively,
of another area), economic, psychological, structuralism and
post structuralism (alternatively, another fourth year
seminar in a contemporary theoretical domain)

Spring 1995: introductory sociocultural, popular culture,
race and ethnic relations, medical, religion, applied,
development and underdevelopment (alternatively, another
third year course in a contemporary topical domain), a
contemporary topical domain taught as a fourth year seminar.

The current base for assistant professor (12 months) is
$37,350. Salary for Fall-Spring sessional courses at the
University of Lethbridge is $3,490. Applicants should
indicate all other areas of teaching competence, and should
include a c.v. and appropriate support materials with their
application. Applications should be sent immediately to
Professor Doreen Indra, Acting Chair, Department of
Anthropology, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta
T1K 3M4 (fax: (403) 329-5109). In accordance with Canadian
immigration regulations this advertisement is directed to
Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.