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I am posting the Scout Report one more time for those of you who have not
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Scout Report, July 8, 1994


The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information
Services to the US research and education community and others via email,
gopher, and World Wide Web. Included are selected new and newly-discovered
online resources, network news, and bits of net culture. See below for
additional information and complete Scout Report access methods.

NOTES: Due to real-world travel by the Info Scout last week, the release
of the Scout Report was delayed. Coming attractions: commercial Net
resources section. Remember, your preferences on the length and content of
the Report are welcome. Mail to
This is the 11th issue of the Scout Report.

To browse the Report or access past issues via gopher or WWW:

World Wide Web:

Academe This Week, The Chronicle of Higher Education's complimentary
information service on the Internet. Gopher version also still available.

The Ada Project (TAP), a WorldWideWeb (WWW) site designed to serve as a
clearinghouse for information and resources relating to women in
computing. Information includes conferences, projects, discussion groups
and organizations, fellowships and grants, more.

Commonwealth of Learning, (COL) an organization interested in widening the
access to learning in the 51 member countries through the use of distance
learning and communications technologies. Includes documents, news
releases, updates, more.

_Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine_ , July issue, now available on
the Web. Back issues (May and June) also available.

The Imaging and Distributed Computing Group of Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory announces its interactive forms-based frog dissection kit.
Images of the frog from various views, and in various stages of
dissection, are generated on-the-fly based on parameters set by the user.

The Jerusalem Mosaic. Contains information, exhibits and images about

List of mailing lists and Usenet News groups related to WWW.

One Book List. From the announcement by Paul Phillips, InterNIC
Information Services: "My proposal is this: one book. I would like for
each of you to decide on a single book that you would most like for the
world to read, and mail me the author and titl e. The book that, for you,
was the most influential, or thought-provoking, or enjoyable, or moving,
or philosophically powerful, or deep in some sense you cannot properly
define, or any other criteria you wish to set." finger

Socioeconomic and environmental data collection at the World Bank.

US. Department of Health and Human Services, including data from the
National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, and Social
Security Administration.

University of Manitoba, including Canadian Geographical WWW Index.

World Wide Web and Mosaic: User's Guide, made available by National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


African National Congress information online. Directories include:
graphics, history, misc, policy docs, press statements.
ftp: anc/

British Columbia Institute of Technology, including Applied Research in
Computer Systems (ARCS Lab), Health Applied Research & Development
(H.A.R.D.) program, and Entrepreneurial Centre & Venture Program.

Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance
Education, updated version.
ftp: /inetdirsstacksdisted:ellsworth
ftp: /pub/je/dre-list.txt URL:

The FinanceNet Core Team at the Vice President's National Performance
Review in Washington, DC., in association with the National Science
Foundation, announced availability of a new Gopher server. Also
announced: a series of 20 or more topical moderated mailing lists relating
to Federal, state and local financial management practices and policies.
gopher: 72

Summary of mail server commands for five widely used mail server programs,
including REVISED LISTSERV (also called BITNET LISTSERV), Unix
ListProcessor (or Listproc), Majordomo, Mailserv, and Mailbase.
ftp: /nettrain/mailser.cmd

GlasNews, published quarterly by the Communications Exchange Program, is
aimed at East-West communicators in such fields as journalism,
advertising, public relations and telecommunications.
ftp: GlasNews/

University of Wisconsin, Trace Center: Disability and Computer Access
Information. A Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on
Adapted Computers and Information Systems, through the National Institute
on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US. Department of Education.
Communication by the non-speaking and physically disabled; the control
mechanisms used to operate computers, communication aids, and home
environmental controls; computer access -- ways to make computers,
electronic equipment and information systems more accessible to people
with disabilities

The US. Consumer Product Safety Commission includes all Press Releases
from 1991 to the present and the agency's Public Calendar. Future plans:
the Commission's Annual Report and executive summaries of briefing
packages submitted to the Commission.
gopher: CPSC.GOV

National Information Infrastructure:

The Information Infrastructure Task Force (IITF) and the Council on
Competitiveness (nonprofit organization) announced joint sponsorship of an
NII conference: Breaking the Barriers to the National Information
Infrastructure. The conference will focus on the applications being
developed to run on the NII, and to explore the implementation hurdles
that users and application developers are experiencing as they create and
deploy new applications in health care, education, manufacturing,
electronic informationmanagement and commerce as well as
entertainment/home services. September 7-8, 1994, in Washington DC.
$295/$395. See posting for registration information.
gopher: Hot Off the Press


>From _The Internet Letter_: "Ruling on Internet Trademark Sought, Patent
Office Suspends Applications Process. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
(PTO) has suspended action on approving all applications for trademarks
using the word Internet. With some potentially significant financial
interests involved, the patent office is trying to decide if anybody has
exclusive rights to the name Internet."
(Jayne Levin, Editor
gopher: TelecommNews/Internet (TM?)

>From the highlights of _Interactive Publishing Alert_: "In the Spotlight:
Knight-Ridder Pulls Dave Barry Off the Internet -- Knight-Ridder has
pulled Dave Barry off the Internet -- and it's no laughing matter. On June
23, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services terminated its contract
with ClariNet Communications Corp., an electronic newspaper based in San
Jose, Calif., to distribute humorist Dave Barry's columns on the Internet
global communications network. The reason: Electronic piracy that the
media giant and its Internet distributor were powerless to stop.
(Rosalind Resnick, Editor and Publisher gopher:

"Good Morning America Sunday" on July 10, 1994, included a segment on how
the OJ Simpson case is being discussed in electronic forums, including
USENET Newsgroups and Internet mailing lists.

About the Scout Report

The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information
Services to the Internet community as a fast, convenient way to stay
informed about network activities. Its purpose is to combine in one place
the highlights of new (and newly-discovered) online resources and other
announcements seen on the Internet during the preceding week.

A wide range of topics are included in the Report with an emphasis on
resources thought to be of interest to the InterNIC's primary audience,
the research and education community. Each resource has been verified for
substantial content and accessibility within a day of the release of the

The Scout Report is provided in multiple formats -- electronic mail,
gopher, and World Wide Web. The gopher and World Wide Web versions of the
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The InterNIC provides information about the Internet and the resources on
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