P. Creasy (pcreasy@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 18:49:58 -0800

Hello (another lurker speaks...),
I've been watching closely hoping to obtain the same info and
would, therefore, suggest anyone having the relevant data posting it to
the list, please. Thanks!
Pam Creasy
U Washington Dept of Anthropology

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Donna M. Lanclos wrote:

> I would appreciate it if you (or someone else who knows) could send me
> the relevant information on acquiring and using this program--I'm
> interested in availibility, price, etc. I have a PC--feel free to
> reply to me individually rather than to the entire list. Thanks!
> Donna Lanclos
> UC Berkeley Dept of Anthropology
> On Sat, 27 Jan 1996, Antoinette Errante wrote:
> > Does anyone know if an updated version of the software Ethnograph is around
> > or can anyone recommend a nother program like it. I use Ethnograph to code
> > interviews but my I need to replace my copies of it which were damaged or
> > look for new sofware since this is about 8 years old. I am mostly a Mac
> > person but had been running Ethnograph (which only came in DOS when I
> > bought it) with Soft PC.
> >
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
> >
> > Antoinette Errante
> > Ohio State
> >
> >