Re: : Hodenausaunee Egalitarianism (was: Re: WANTED: A good (fwd)

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 14:12:51 PST

On Jan 29, Van Smith wrote:

> I agree with much that you say, but the sophomoric insults that you
>and your adversary toss at each other is convulsively embarassing and
>grossly unprofessional. The inability of you both to meter your responses
>win you nothing but dishonor, and shines an ill light on those in this

Someone practicing to be pompous before the crowd? The post is highly
inappropriate to the context of the referenced comments. Van must be
new or simply not notice the number of times EACH DAY we have to use
our delete key because of all the Ruby message pollution.