Do we read what we write?

John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Sat, 27 Jan 1996 10:03:40 +0900

Keith Dever writes ( and I hope he doesn't mind my exposing what seems to have
been a private message),

"Are you suggesting that people post comments about your thoughts and about
other articles that they have read? I like this idea. I have been trying to
get the Anthro Society at my university to stop talking so much about fund
raisers and talk more about anthropology. This would be a way of relieving
the student of the burden of original thought and allow them to get
comfortable with public speaking by discussing another's thoughts."

Keith says he writes tongue-in-cheek, but I would like to reply a bit more
seriously as follows:

I would, of course, be flattered if people were to start discussing my
I am as vain as the next person. The serious issue is whether we are willing
lay our parts in weaving a "web of significance" in which we can all share or
lurk, poor spiders that we are, in dusty corners.:-)

Since I know what I have to say, what I would really like is something along
the lines of, "Now that you mention it, there was a really wonderful piece
in Journal X on Y. What struck me about it was....." Then I might learn


John McCreery