Jini Hanjian (hanjian@HAL.FMHI.USF.EDU)
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 11:53:23 -0500

The National Association of Practicing Anthropologists (NAPA) and the
Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) are working on a joint project
with the goal of marketing the abilities and skills of applied
anthropologists for the consumers of our services (e.g., government,
business, non-profit agencies) through promotional displays, consultant
networks and other means. There are six committees working on various
parts of this project.

The committee developing a promotional display has been asked to survey
anthropologist that have an interest in applied work. The committee needs
your help in defining our professional self-definition, and determining
how best to market ourselves as professionals with valuable skills needed
by our present and potential consumers.

We greatly appreciate your help with this project. The survey is being
posted on Anthro-L and Anthap. Please feel free to post on other
appropriate lists, and copy and distribute to any interested individuals.

Please send the completed survey to: Jini Hanjian, 4501 Blue Tee Court,
Apt. 64, Tampa, Florida 33613, or email to

1) Other than anthropologist, what do you call yourself professionally?

2) Briefly list what jobs or positions you have held in which you applied
your skills as an anthropologist:

3) Briefly list your professional skills:

4) Which of these skills do you emphasize in "selling" yourself for jobs,
projects or in social introductions?

5) What skills or images should the profession of applied anthropology

6) Please share a few anecdotes or example of how you as an anthropologist
performed applied ("real-world", non-academic) work:

7) How would you market applied anthropology to our present and potential

8) What is your current academic status? (Check all that apply.)

BA/BS MA/MS Ph.D. Other
Current student:

Received degree:

Degree was in anthropology:

9) Briefly describe your current type of employment, and place of

10) Other comments:

11) Name, Address, etc. (Optional):

We appreciate your input and will use the information to develop the
promotional display which will be used at national professional (not
anthropology) and business conferences and meetings.

Send the survey to: For more information about the committee and display,
Jini M. Hanjian to contribute your ideas, or to join the committee
4501 Blue Tee Court contact: Andrea Hummel
Apartment 64 14715 Tall Tree Drive
Tampa, FL 33613 Lutz, FL 33549

P.S. If you would be interested in staffing the display and representing
NAPA-SfAA at meetings and conferences in you local area, let us know.