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the theory and practice of Community Psychology

Community-Psychology is a moderated discussion list devoted to a
field which applies the principles and practice of psychology and
related disciplines to understand, intervene in, and improve
communities in ways which are cooperative, culturally appropriate,
and fair.

Community-Psychology is a forum for the discussion of the theory
and practice of community psychology: an application of
psychological principles which has as its aim the improvement of
the fit between a person (or group) and the community. Therefore,
anybody with a commitment to community integration is welcome to

To help you understand the orientation and style of this list,
we encourage you to read, and retain, the material below. It
will provide you with a brief description of community
psychology as we envisage it, and some suggestions for making
this list a constructive and healthy discussion forum.

What is community psychology?
Community psychologists work with other members of the community
to identify problems and issues. They help to develop
culturally appropriate and fair ways of alleviating or
preventing the problems.

For the most part, community psychology has sought to avoid
imposing professional solutions on community members. It has
been characterised by a desire to build upon existing skills and
understanding within the community. With some exceptions, its
general style has been participative, cooperative, and

In doing this, community psychology has drawn on many different
areas of psychology theory and practice: clinical psychology,
community mental health, and fields such as organisational,
environmental and ecological psychology.

This list
Our intention is for this mailing list to practise what it
preaches. We wish to maintain a healthy community where
support, egalitarianism, and informed discussion are found.

To this end, we invite you to help us pursue these aims when you
post to the list. Our wish is to create an environment where
honest and cooperative inquiry are usual.

For the benefit of the list and its members we ask that you ...

o check that you are mailing your message to the appropriate
recipient: personal messages to the person, collective
messages to the mailing list, administrative commands to
the listserver

o use a "Subject:" line which defines the content of your

o quote selectively from posts that you respond to, for the
most part, a complete quote is not necessary

o favour short messages over long messages, unless the topic
requires a long message

o if you disagree with what someone has said, respond to the
message -- don't attack the person

The wellbeing of a community depends, among other things, on the
quality of the dialogue and the relationships. We appreciate
your help in maintaining this list as a community which models
the principles of community-building in its style as well as its

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