Re: : Cultural Survival?

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 14:36:58 PST

On Jan 16, Brian Howell wrote:

>... When talking about people instead of deer, we cannot let it go to
>the "survival of the fittest." The idea is disturbing to say the least
>and ignores the centuries of exploitation, domination and power
>inequalities that mark global contact. This kind of relativism is far
>from morally neutral.

Brian admonishes against applying "survival of the fittest" to
cultures. However, in many cases, that's what the U.S. is doing at
its southern border. In the news today was an incident at the Texas
border with Mexico. A pregnant woman, in labor, swam across the Rio
Grande and got across in time to deliver in a ditch- but it was a
ditch on U.S. soil thus assuring her child of the benefits of U.S.
citizenship and herself of welfare. Talk about survival of the