Centers and peripheries in East and SE Asia-Call for papers

Magnus Fiskesjo (fisk@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU)
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 00:01:37 CST

Renewed call for papers:


Papers are welcome for the panel on "Centers and Peripheries in
East and Southeast Asia", Session I of the First World Conference
of the East Asian Archaeology Network, convened at the Hilton
Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, 9-11 April 1996 (in conjunction with
the AAS, Association for Asian Studies, annual conference 1996).

This panel, which will be held Tuesday 9 April, 10:00-1:00, has
been announced previously. We are repeating this call as we now
--due to unfortunate cancellations of papers accepted earlier--
are able to welcome new papers! Thus anyone who wishes to
participate with a paper in the session, "Centers and Peripheries
in East and Southeast Asia" is most welcome to contact the
panel organizers - as soon as possible! To join with a paper
or to obtain further information, please contact either of us:

Magnus Fiskesjo Francis N. Allard
University of Chicago University of Pittsburgh

Note: Registering for the EAAN First World Conference before
February 15 guarantees a seat at the EAAN member meals.
Registration forms with information on special rates on air travel
and hotels can be obtained through Professor Sarah M. Nelson
at the University of Denver (email:
Questions about the conference and EAAN may also be directed to
Pak Yangjin, Harvard University (email:,
or to Professor Gina L. Barnes of the University of Durham