Hearing energy

Tue, 9 Jan 1996 14:45:00 EST

choose to listen will hear". I imagined that I would be jumping
into a vat of boiling oil with that comment and I shall probably
burn with this one but here goes >>>> In reality it was a bit of
a play on words from the bible, the classic "they will hear but
will not understand." The pressure facing "my generation" as
was faced by all those preceeding mine is the issue of "limits".
The most difficult of these to face is that of our own bodies.
With so much we are supposed to do; go to school, pay for school,
do this extra-cirricular thing and that etc,half the battle is to
figure out where to gain the energy neccessary to "keep up". Hence
I have friends at places like BU strung out on crystal meth (speed)
"Psychic energy",as much a being some strange phenomena, is to Bobbi
and I x-tra energy inside our minds that we are only able to
access when we are clear of daily nonsense. It is the information &
the inspiration that we are only able to hear when we stop
chattering about our own problem, ideas and issues. In today's
world it is increasingly difficult to simply suspend and hear. It
also entails suspension of the layers upon layers of learning that
prejudices the mind against seeing often what is trumpeting in our
faces. And some how it is this "psychic energy" that causes Bobbi
to call and just say Are you OK at the precise moment that I sit home
Really this all seems to be the foolish rantings of a young
idealist but it works for us. It is infinite, like all energy, and
the mind is infinite if you don't allow the world to limit it.
When I teach little kids how to ride horses I often hear"I can't"
The most valuable thing I learned from riding is that if you think
you can't you won't, if you believe you can, you're chances are a hell
of a lot better you might. The same goes with learning and with
understanding another's point of view. Who knows, maybe the same goes
for reality in general. In sincerity always lies truth
Patricia Stitson