information requiredon impavct impact of

Sun, 7 Jan 1996 09:26:35 EST

Possibly someone on the anthro-l list can help Dr. Gupta with this
advocacy for tribal people in India.

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From: Honey Bee
Subject: information requiredon impavct impact of
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Subject: information requiredon impavct impact ofg chloro fluoro
carbon pollution

Some of us are faced with a challenfging task of having to
to a High Court in apetition by tribal people as to what kind of
dmaages can be caused by flouorides and other emmissions by a frm
firm enegga
engaged in manufacturing CFCs in Gujarat.

The petition has been filed by a NGO representing tribal peole in a
drought prone reh region where this company islocated. We are memeber
of an expert committee appointed by High Court to find out the
evidence and make a case if any
for a more systematic study or action against the fo firm etc..

1. we need following information: what kind of polluition cases have
filed against firms manufactiruing refregerant gases such CFS CFCs
and what kind]
kind ofg soil microbial or other imacts we need top look for?

2. Whether any one knows of teh probaibilitt y of leaks from such
3. It seems that company concerned relases gasses such as hydrogen
in teh night and thus it si difficult to caputure physical evidence
except through
close air monitoning. Are there siem some good ecological infdic
indicators which can capture the impact of chlorine and Hyfdrogen
sulphides pollution in the system.

4. what are teh safety pollution stnadards for air, soil, water in
such cases
where anhydrous hydro fluoric acid is manufactured( pardoin i pardon
our ignorance with specifci s)

5. does any one know about the reputation of Stauffer chemicals -- a
cpmpanu y with which thsi
Indian firm is collaborating?

6. finaly finally we need to have advice from colleagues who have
served on such panels to provide advice suggestions inthsi case.

Please address your feedback soonest

c/o Prof Anil K Gupta
IIM Ahmedabad 380015
fax 01 79 6427896

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Subject: information requiredon impavct impact ofg chloro fluoro
carbon pollution
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