Re: Photographs Reading Us?

stacey a ayeh (stacey@ANTIQUARIAN.COM)
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 08:43:39 +0000

>On SAT, 6 Jan 1996, thomas w kavanagh wrote:

>>There is no such thing as collective memory, or a forgotten paradise.
>>Sunsets can be nice to look at, but their "meanings" vary with each
>>individual who perceives them.

I'm not sure if we are in a position to lightly dismiss the idea of a
"collective memory" and or "a forgotten paradise".

whatever an individual makes of it when s/he sees a nice looking sunset,
surely s/he is drawing that feeling of sensation (or whatever) from a pool
of knowledge that is ultimately shared by those in the same community or
humanity as a whole?

Are strong feeling of patriotism... and all that it entails something that
is learnt or is some of it already latent in some cultures?


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