Re: Reading photographs and more

Fri, 5 Jan 1996 09:06:13 -0700

I'm slightly surprised that the huge field of study and body of literature
on perception has not been mentioned (other than a tad within the list of
books posted -- sorry to have forgotten who posted it). Perhaps much of
this is not labeled "anthropology," but it certainly is pertinent to this
discussion of perception of visual or graphic images (signs AND signifiers).
Unfortunately, I hardly remember the who - s of studies in perception. BUt
dredging from long unused memories: an artist of the name Albers -- remarkable
work; Gombrich in some introductory books on art discusses some varieds
perceptions which appear to be culturally based; of course folks like Lyotard,
Barthes, Berger, Benjamin.

- Julia

p.s. One of my cats is fascinated, and driven to a frenzy, by a shoe-lace
pulled SLOWLY. I have no doubt she knows it is not edible or "alive." None
of the cats are interested in visual reproductions (that I can tell), but
a recording of bird songs and calls...............!