Re: Reading Images

stacey a ayeh (stacey@ANTIQUARIAN.COM)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 22:36:42 +0000

Perhaps we have rapidly slightly strayed into other territories without
reaching some sort of consensus with regards to the main premise?

Which one of these two broad views are you sympathetic to?

The process of learning to read images (be it humans, apes, cats or dogs)
has been dramatically sped up in cultures that have abundant access to
devices that are able to reproduce two dimensional close representations of
every day "reality".

Or are you sympathetic to the view that we are born with eyes and so we
"see" everything we come into contact. Thus if we have seen the "real
thing" in the past, then we can identify a reproduced two dimensional
image of the "real thing" automatically?

Let me put it this way; if you had never seen the English alphabets before
in your life and you were confronted with it for the first time. What would
you see? Would you see the shapes of each individual letter? or could you
only see it (and identify it as the letter "A") if you had been taught that
this is the letter "a"- apple begins with the letter.....

Does any one appreciate what I'm trying to get at?

London, England

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