Re: Reading Images

Matthew Hill (mhhill@WATARTS.UWATERLOO.CA)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 15:10:41 -0500

On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, SS51000 wrote:

> Accurate interpretation of two-dimensional representations is not even
> confined to the human species: it is common to the great apes, and has
> figured importantly in the experimental confirmation of their ability to
> communicate symbolically (from Washoe clear through Kanzie . . .) What
> about the lesser apes and monkeys? Can someone enlighten us about how
> far "down" this ability goes? (Clearly, not to cats and dogs.) --Bob
> Graber
Are you sure about that Bob, there are a number of videos specifically
geared to Dogs and Cats which sell well. I have not observed them,
but it is claimed that the fascinate the intended audience. Perhaps,
however, that audience is really cat and dog owners.

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