Eirikur H Sigurjonsson (eirikus@RHI.HI.IS)
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:21:23 +0000

Dear reciever

My name is Eirikur and I'm Icelandic. I'm a student in anthropology
in the University of Iceland. I need some informations on The Aleutian people
living on the Aleutian Islands. I would like to write an essay on Aleuts but
the literature here in Iceland is very poor. I've been looking for books and
articles on this subject for a week or so, in several institutions, here in
Iceland. The best one I've got is Britannica (So you must see my problem).

I would of course like to know the whole thing about Aleuts, but since
it may be to much informations for the internet, I will write down some
questions, and hope that you will answer some of them:

1) In what way do Aleuts differ from Eskimos (Inuits) ? (The
answer to this question may be to long)
2) What is the economic status of the Aleuts ? Are they
supported in some way (with food supplies perhabs) ?
3) How many people are living in the Aleutian Islands know ? In
how many villages do they live ? How many people live in the
largest village ? And on which Island is that village ?
4) Do the U.S.A. have any millitary bases on these Islands ? How
many millitary-people live on Aleutian Islands ?
5) What can you tell me about their (Aleuts) situation now ?
6) What can you tell me about the prospected future of Aleuts ?
7) Do Aleutian people still use any of their old, traditional
methods (in hunting, clothing and generally in living) ?
8) Can you tell me something about their kinship rules and
gender ?
9) Have Aleutians gained any profit of tourist industry ? How
many tourists visit the Aleutian "territory" ? Is the tourist
industry important for the Aleutian people ? How has this
tourist industry affected their (Aleuts) way of living ?
10) How about the Exxon Valdez oil-spill ? Did it affect Aleutian
people or the marine life in any way ? Is there still a
problem with polluted coasts ?
11) Is any marine species, which lived in the beginning of this
century near the Aleutian Islands, extinct ? (If yes) What
was the reason for this ? Has it affected the live of the
Aleuts dramatically ?
11) Would you be so kind to tell me something more about Aleuts ?
Just anything.

I send you my greetings

Hope I'm not to rude or uninteresting.

With a hope in my heart.

From a companion on this revolving planet

Eirikur H Sigurjonsson

Address: Tungata 12
260 Keflavik