Re: References, Please, on Megafauna Extinctions

Brett R. Lenz (brl@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU)
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 22:14:22 -0700

Are you familiar with Martin and Klein's (1984) "Quaternary
Extinctions"? Another valuable reference is Olga Soffer's (1985) "The
Upper Paleolithic of the Central Russian Plain". More recently, Soffer
and Praslov (1993, Plenum Press) have delivered "From Kostenki to
Clovis:Upper Paleolithic and Paleoindian Adaptations".
Regarding Benthall, while "a band of hunter-gatherers armed with Clovis
points" being the cause of Mammoth (among other) extinctions may seem
"silly", "a band of hunter-gatherers armed with Clovis points" was able
to populate both North and South America, relying heavily on mammoth meat
for energy.
On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 USS@SPACE-SOCIETY.UH.EDU wrote:

> >I am looking for up-to-date references (just a couple) on the role of humans
> >in the extinction of various species of megafauna in the last ice age,
> >especially with respect to North American species.
> You might try the bibliography of Peter Wards' _The End of Evolution_. I'm
> currently reading it and have found it fairly fascinating. The bibliography
> is rather lean but there are a few good sources. He definitely is an advocate
> of the "man the hunter" theory that I am somewhat skeptical of. To think that
> a band of hunter-gatherers armed with Clovis points could cause the extinction
> of the mammoths has always seemed rather silly to me....Good Luck!
> James Benthall
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> Houston, Texas