Re: References, Please, on Megafauna Extinctions

Mon, 30 Jan 1995 12:22:37 -0600

>I am looking for up-to-date references (just a couple) on the role of humans
>in the extinction of various species of megafauna in the last ice age,
>especially with respect to North American species.

You might try the bibliography of Peter Wards' _The End of Evolution_. I'm
currently reading it and have found it fairly fascinating. The bibliography
is rather lean but there are a few good sources. He definitely is an advocate
of the "man the hunter" theory that I am somewhat skeptical of. To think that
a band of hunter-gatherers armed with Clovis points could cause the extinction
of the mammoths has always seemed rather silly to me....Good Luck!

James Benthall
Dept. of Anthropology
University of Houston
Houston, Texas