Re: Spying and AAA and Mead and Boas and all

Fri, 27 Jan 1995 18:59:20 -0600

Mike Salovesh said:

>As I understand it, the original plans of Camelot didi not envision working in
>Chile at all. The overall idea of the project was to study--and enhance--the
>the U.S. Army's role in counterinsurgency. Chile, at that point, had no
insurgency, and had one of the longest records of peaceful succession of
>governments in all Latin America.

I wish I knew the exact date of the point your speaking of? Even though Chile
had no *formal* insurgency going in 1970 an informal insurgency began brewing
the moment it became apparent that a Marxist would win the 1970 election.
Nixon and Kissinger blew a fuse and plans to topple the Allende government
began immediately.

james b.