Re: take it forward

Alysa Walsh (amw@LC.LINDENWOOD.EDU)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 10:05:39 -0600

Lief Hendrickson makes it all too apparent how easy it is to be
misinterpreted. When giving Michael Bauser the "one-day" tag with the
Ph.D. title, it was a comment on Bauser's message discussing his status
as a second-year grad student and his hopes of ***one-day*** attaining
his Ph.D. That's all. And, Lief, if you prefer, you can call me a
one-day college grad...that isn't an insult to me, nor would I interpret
that to mean you were being sarcastic.

The PC line is out of whack as far as I'm concerned. The meaning
implied by using the word whimp may not be all that harmful, but the word
**was** used to include any member of the rising undergrad anthro majors
who may or may not enjoy, respect, or want anything to do with "heated
debates" that aren't just heated in many cases, but nasty. Why would I
want to talk with people who automatically assume I'm whimpish by their
own standards -- i.e.: whether I get into "heated debates" or not?
I unflinchingly reserve the right to enter the world of academia
for my own reasons -- which may or may not include the passion of "heated