Re: >Ref to Counterinsurgenc

Anthro Students (Anthro.Students@ANTHROPOLOGY.SU.EDU.AU)
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 03:24:49 -0500

Richard Spear wrote (25/1/95)

>Don't quote me on any of this, and having written it down, it *does*
>some considerable naivity (those were naive days!), but this does ring
>in my fast failing memory. Surely someone else recalls some of this?

>Regards, Richard

Don't qote me on this either, it was all way before my time, but there was a
huge stink within Australian anthropology circles about Aus anthrops. being
involved in similar activities during the vietnam war in both Thailand and
vietnam. It was fairly well documented. Give me a couple of days and I'll
see if I can scout out some references.


John Cook