Information on corruption (fwd)

Patricia Clay (pclay@WHSUN1.WH.WHOI.EDU)
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 11:07:41 -0500

culture-specific answers. Anybody want to take a stab? If so, please reply
directly to RRTC@FRCU.EUN.EG.

Trish Clay

Forwarded message:
> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 23:43:25 +0000
> Subject: Information on corruption
> To: Multiple recipients of list DEVEL-L
> As part of a class on World Agriculture and Agricultural
> Development, I am interested in obtaining material on
> corruption and how it hinders the development process
> particularly in third world smallholder agricultural systems.
> As this is a relative sensitive subject with limited published
> material, I was hoping the subscribers to this group could
> provide some information or guide me to more complete
> information.
> Some of the specific issues I would like to hear about are:
> 1. When does a gratuity for services provided become a bribe
> for influence?
> 2. How does corruption retard the development process?
> 3. What different forms does it take in term of:
> a. Diverting the efforts of civil servants
> b. Hording of administrative responsibilities
> c. Choice of suppliers and quality of materials procured
> d. Flow of inputs and produce both domestically and world
> trade
> e. Who ultimately pays the bill (farmers, consumers,
> donors)
> f. Other appropriate issues
> 4. Any successful efforts to curtail corruption
> 5. I would be please to receive information on any published
> materials that would be available in a university library
> as well as informal personal experiences.
> 6. Please reply directly to the list. If you wish your reply
> to be anonymous please so indicate.
> Your assistance with this request is greatly appreciated.