Paul Sparks (psparks@CERF.NET)
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 16:25:50 PST

Spencer Lehv requested info on migraines in the past and is
contemplating surveys on current conditions.

As a 50 year plus vehicle of migrainses you might keep these
ideas in mind, first there is considerable difference of
opinion of the definition of migraines and there is
considerable difficulty for patients and doctors (who are not
migraine specialists) to determine if the patient has
migraine. there are associated syndromes such as cluster
headaches, etc. that further complicate the issue. asking
people if they suffer from migraines will be
counterproductive because they really son't know in ,amy
(most?) circumstances. be very careful.

Women may have more migraines but that is later in life. I
don't think that sick headaches associated with mensural
cycle are migraines in most cases.

In searching the history/myth surrounding migraines here are
some ideas that you might use. Migraines are often
associated with cured cheese, wine, and chocolate. societies
that consume these foods would be likely to have a migraine
problem. Migraines use to be called "sick headaches" and in
older literature that would be what one would be looking for.
the stacoma (sp?) or aura that surrounds ones sight with some
migraines could be a condition of evil, sight, withches, etc.
I know that witches were often chosen because of sick
headaches and other problems. (i have a 1692 witch in my
family but that altogether another thing) sometimes blindness
will occur for hours or days that might be a clue.

Good luck on your research, you're jumping into a frying pan

paul w. sparks psparks@cerfnet.com
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