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Maddog (Christopher.Morgan@JCU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 13:53:49 +1000

Hi folks - just back from the silly season. Seems like you've all been
having a 'flaming' good time. Re Mike's post:

>It isn't just the presence of tourism I'm talking about. That the tourists
>seem to have priority of access to Rabaul while no one is in a frenzy to get
>lots of anthropologists out there is just an instance of a larger point--one
>about (if I can use the term) hegemony and who implements it. Does the
>presence of missionaries indicate that they dominate the discourse on
>heritage, on what is tradition?

Actually, we've just offered a PhD scholarship to a student to go to Rabaul
- I'm not exactly sure what her focus will be (if she accepts), but it has
something to do with the volconoes, land and identity - as I recall. Oh,
and I think that anyone familiar with contemporary PNG would agree that
mission-style Christianity is one of THE dominant discourses in that
country - witness the fun & games surrounding the Pope's current visit! Of
course, one might reasonably interpret the missions' pervasiveness as
merely the transformation of Western colonial hegemony in a supposedly
post-colonial state..... but that's a tad cynical (or is it?). To quote one
of the more rabid purveyors of this ilk: "kaikai bilong ting ting".

Hamamas Niu Yia
Longlong Dok

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