Re: Books on doing fieldwork

Julie Ward (jward@VIRTU.SAR.USF.EDU)
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 18:13:52 -0500

Some interesting books on foeldwork experience:
Agar, Michael. The Professional Stranger. 1980. New York: Academic Press.
Liebow, Elliot. 1993. Tell Them Who I Am. New York: Free Press.
Whitehead, Tony and Mary Ellen Conoway. 1986. Self, Sex and Gender in
Cross-Cultural Filedwork. Urbana: University Illinois Press.

The first does have some method, but a good deal of the author's own
experience is described - The second is an ethnography, but a the
fieldworker's experience is quite present because he knew he was dying
(and did pass away last fall) - The last is an interesting collection of
fieldwork experiences (what it's like to be married in the field, what
it's like to be female researcher when your position as such is not
recognized by your informants, etc.)

Hope these are of interest to you - Julia Ward